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Rail Yard at Dulles Airport

Dulles Rail includes 90-acre Rail Yard

Phase 2 of the Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project includes a Rail Yard and Maintenance Facility on 96 acres at the Dulles International Airport.  The site was donated to the project by Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority.

Built by Hensel-Phelps, the largest yard in the WMATA system, it includes the following:

  • Rail tracks and supporting infrastructure for the maintenance and storage of railcars, including 9.5 miles of track and 47 switches to control movement within the yard
  • The overall yard has a capacity of 176 cars, or 22 eight car trains.
  • Railcar service and inspection facilities, including the yard control tower. The Service and Inspection Building, for servicing the passenger cars, includes 36 car hoists allowing it to service nine pairs of cars simultaneously.
  • The Transportation Building, Maintenance of Way building and Warehouse Building.
  • Automated train-wash facilities.
  • Rail systems and traction power equipment.
  • Two traction power substations, fuel stations and storage facilities.
  • Parking facilities for workers.

Phase 1 included major expansions of the West Falls Church rail yard.

Trains stored at the Yard