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Reston/Herndon Extension

Reston/Herndon Extension

The Reston/Herndon Extension consists of four stations, one that opened as part of Phase 1, and three that will open as part of Phase 2. All stations will be located in the median of the Dulles Toll Road/Dulles International Airport Access Highway.

The Wiehle-Reston East Station is located at Wiehle Avenue as is operational as of July 2014. This station is serving as the temporary terminus of the Silver Line until Phase 2 opens.

The Reston Town Center Station will be located adjacent to Reston Town Center. This station will have no dedicated parking.

The Herndon-Monroe Station will be at the intersection of the toll road and Herndon Parkway. There is currently an existing parking structure in walking distance to this station. An additional garage, with approximately 2,000 spaces will be built to the east of the current park-and-ride.

The Innovation Center Station is planned to be at the Route 28 crossing of the toll road. This station will also have a dedicated parking structure.

Enabling work begun in Fall 2014 at the Innovation Center station and will ramp up at the other stations in early 2015. Once enabling work is complete foundations, and then precast work will begin respectively, over the next few years.


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