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The Greensboro Silver Line Station serves SAIC, PWC, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Tysons Square.

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Greensboro Station Stastics

On Route 7 just northwest of Route 123
Type of Station
Partially below surface
Station Facilities
  • Pedestrian bridges and station entrances from both sides of Route 7
  • Bicycle facilities: 20 racks and 20 lockers
  • Bus drop-off/pickup on the east side
Platform Height (approx.)
  • East/Inbound End: -10'
  • West/Outbound End: 8'
  • Average: At grade (1')
Mezzanine Height (approx.)
  • East/Inbound End: 18'
  • West/Outbound End: 25'
  • Average: 22'
Other Project Highlights
  • Average aerial track height: 35.7'
  • Above ground track: 3 miles
  • At grade track: 8.6 miles
SAIC, Marshalls Shopping Center, Pike 7 Plaza, PWC, Booz Allen Hamilton, National Automobile Dealers Association, Hilton Headquarters, Towers Crescent Plaza, Tysons Tower